How to tell if your car needs new tyres

New tyres keep your car safely on the road by providing grip,

removing water between the road and the wheel and by providing a smoother ride.

Australia has a legal requirement that the minimum depth of a tyre is 1.5mm. Most new tyres come with tread about 8mm deep so you can see how much they wear over time.

How do you know when tyres need changing?

Aside from a noticeably flat tyre or severe damage there are other features of car tyres that you can check to make sure they are roadworthy and safe for your car. Changing tyres could be required if there are cracks or separation of rubber from the base. Road and weather conditions can severely impact the life of car tyres resulting in them degrading over time. If you feel something different when you drive or hear flat spots or feel vibrations you should get your car tyres checked.

How long do tyres last?

Car tyres have a date stamp on one side of the wheel so you should ensure they are within a few years old for best performance and if they are more than 10 years old you should consider changing tyres even if they appear to be fine. Tread should be even around the whole tyre. If it is worn on one side or on the outside more than other sections it needs to be assessed by an expert and likely changed for your own safety.

What causes damage to tyres?

Everything from the sun to potholes and kerbs can damage your car tyres but commonly a lot of damage can occur because wheels are not aligned properly or tyres haven’t been rotated around the car like moving some to the back and putting the newest tyres on the front so the brakes can work more effectively. They can also be damaged if you don’t keep them inflated to suggested pressures. You’ll likely get a flat tyre or a leak because you have run over some debris on the road like a nail or screw which means you’ll be repairing or changing tyres.

Common types of car tyres

Most cars will have an all round tyre fitted to their cars while more high-end brands can have performance tyres. All round car tyres offer increased tyre life because they are harder rubber and built for safety and multiple uses over performance. Performance tyres a lower profile and can be larger in diameter than all round tyres which result in superior grip performance but tend not to have a long lifespan. Depending on how you drive and where you live, tyres can last from 30,000km to 50,000km if well maintained.

How much do tyres cost?

Depending on the size, type and brand, some tyres can cost as little as $70-80 while high-end performance tyres could set you back $300+.

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